A specialist Accounts Receivable Agency providing Accounts Receivable, Business Debt Recovery and Collection services.

we cater to all collection requirements

Black Collections is a specialist provider of contingent debt solutions working with all factions of business and provided a plethora of unique services for our clients to meet their requirements.

We are understand that business and commerce are not always as clear cut as hoped for, so at Black we are able to apply our Out Of The Box techniques to resolved the messy and convoluted billing requirements of our debtors.


a specialist Debt Collection Agency providing Debt Collection, Business Debt
Recovery and Collection services.

Small-medium businesses

Unlike other agencies, no business is too small or too large to become a valued client of Black Collections. No Matter the size of your business, at Black we hold the same regard for all businesses big or small and apply our valued “out of the box” methodologies and processes to resolve matters for all clients.

At Black the success of our business is measured by the success of your business, and we will go all lengths to provide all businesses with the required services as they pursue their path to success.


Consumer debt

At Black our core competency has always been large scale consumer debt, spanning all industries such as finance, by now pay later services and retail companies. Throughout our fourteen years of experience within the field of consumer debt, we have perfected our processes to an extremely high point of efficiency which in turn allows us to expend more resources leading to higher collection rates for our valued clients.

Our strategies for managing consumer debt has been developed through experience and as such is methodical but also personalised. Our strategies are extensive and with access to numerous databases, we posses the ability locate debtors currently uncontactable.


Commercial debt

At Black Collections we value the success of our clients, and realise that costly litigation can get in the way of your road to success. Therefore, at Black we offer a cost-efficient way to deal with unconventional business situations. Our team are experienced in mediation and assisting you to find a resolution to all your billing issue. As we only charge on collection, you face no risk of negative returns like what you would if your first step employing legal council with large upfront costs.

At Black we are experienced in the mediation of all commercial bills spanning all industries including but not limited to; building and infrastructure, professional services and, commercial and residential leasing. Our account managers can identify the route most suitable for your business in recuperating overdue accounts, and through our advanced skip tracing methods and software locate uncontactable debtors.


Field services

At Black Collections we understand that business and commerce is not always as neat and tidy as what is thought out in theory. Therefore, when a situation is messy and convoluted, we are willing to step past the norms of convention to provide our clients with the best possible outcomes.

In certain situations, standard Electronic communication is not suffice to resolve such messy and convoluted situation. To sufficiently resolve a situation, occasional a face to face sit down and explanation of the matter is what is needed to have an issue resolved. Thus at Black, we offer an experienced team of Field agents whose sole purpose is not only to serve documents but assist in the resolution of the matter.


Legal services

After all avenues of the Collection Process have been exhausted, it may be necessary to escalate the debt further. At Black Collections, we will not recommend when our trained staff deem it necessary to pursue the matter via litigation, your account manager will assist you through the entirety of the legal process from start to finish.

At Black Collections Our in house solicitors Force Legal provide comprehensive legal services for all our clients debt recovery needs. In addition, we also work closely with a group outside solicitors depending on your specific legal requirements.